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Hospitals in country and coast locations offering fantastic lifestyle opportunities

  • Flexible roster arrangements and contract lengths to suit your circumstances
  • Opportunity to develop your skills in remote and retrieval medicine
  • Excellent salaries

So what are you waiting for?

Now is the perfect time to be considering your permanent or temporary move to Australia or New Zealand? where the snow is only on the ski fields and the sun is not just the name of a newspaper.

With a continued maldistribution of Emergency Medicine Consultants across both countries there has not been a better time to capitalise on the opportunities available.

Whether you want a 12-month career break or a permanent relocation there are well-staffed and functional hospitals waiting for you, offering interesting and varied presentations.

We require you to have completed CCT and be in a Fellow of the Emergency Medicine College

If you are just curiously interested or committed to a move get in contact with Emma Gough at to discuss your options.