Securing the best locum jobs for you

Wavelength is Australia and New Zealand’s locum recruitment specialist placing over 3,000 doctors a year into locum roles in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

Are you ready to locum?

  • Are you looking to maximise your earning potential?
  • Do you want to experience different learning environments?
  • Do you want more flexibility?
  • Are you keen to visit new locations across Australia and get paid at the same time?
  • Do you want to work whilst studying, during your holidays or now you’ve retired?

We secure locum jobs for doctors across all specialties and seniorities and have access to the very best locum roles, many on an exclusive basis.

We provide invaluable help and support at every step of the way, negotiating top rates of pay, travel, accommodation and other benefits as required.

Placements range from one or two days to six months and some offer part time or flexible working hours. We’ll work with you to plan a few days or months in advance – whatever fits with your schedule.


Rewarding locum opportunities

As a locum, you’ll play a vital role, from respite for general practitioners in remote practices to emergency relief at all levels of the hospital system.

And although it’s well-known locum jobs offer high rates and flexibility to work when and where you want, there are many more benefits that make locuming a truly rewarding experience.

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The benefits of locum jobs

As a locum doctor, here’s what you can do:

  • Take a break from your regular routine
    A locum is a great circuit breaker. Stepping out of your comfort zone and working in a new location can be refreshing. A break often means you return to your regular life reinvigorated with a new enthusiasm for your profession.
  • Be your own boss
    Your life really does become your own as a locum doctor. You can schedule your own holidays, plan work around family and earn what you need, including working extra hours to pay for a one-off cost, such as a holiday or a car.
  • Expand your horizons 
    Create memorable, life-changing experiences working in rural, remote or indigenous communities.
  • Re-skill
    When did you last treat a patient from first presentation to discharge, or deliver a baby into the world? Have your ER and minor op skills wasted away in your urban practice? Locum work reconnects you with the front-line medical skills you used to enjoy as a younger doctor.
  • Learn self-reliance
    Without your usual support and referral networks you will have to be more resourceful and adaptable. Relying more on your clinical instincts can be very affirming and confidence building.
  • Build your network
    Locum work allows you to meet new colleagues far from home and offers a great opportunity to pick up some new contacts, skills and knowledge from outside of your usual circles.
  • Gain a broader spectrum of experience 
    You will gain experience of a wide range of organisations, teams and specialties, which is a great way to get perspective on your career. Experience = career progression.
  • Share your expertise
    If you have special clinical skills or knowledge, you can bring these to regional areas that might not otherwise have access to such expert training or advice. Teaching will allow you to leave a greater legacy than just the hours you put in.
  • Contribute
    Remember, the reason a hospital or practice hires you as a locum is because they have a desperate need. You’re providing an invaluable service to them and the community they serve and it’s a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

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Indigenous locum jobs

Wavelength places locum doctors all over the region, but perhaps the most unique and rewarding experience we offer is the chance to practice Indigenous health in some of our most remote communities. Without our locum services, many of these communities would be without adequate medical care.

Read more about Dr Amin Sadruddin’s adventures

To read more about locum roles in remote areas, read our recent blog, ‘Working in Indigenous health’.

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“Outback work is the antithesis of medicine in cities. I go back to first principles and am often the difference between a medical service staying open and being shut down. It’s a humbling experience.”

Dr Amin Sadruddin

Locum General Practitioner