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Tag: General Practice in Australia

Seismic changes ahead for Australian general practice

Are we ready? All the signs suggest that general practice in Australia is about to undergo a major upheaval. And it’s no great surprise. It’s a worldwide trend in response to the rise of chronic disease and the cost blow outs that inevitably follow.

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Carrots and Sticks – The (not so) nuanced art of attracting doctors to rural Australia

It’s not a new problem. Australia, with it’s metro-educated medical workforce, attractive coastal cities and ‘daunting’ outback, often finds it hard to lure doctors away from friends, family and their café latte lifestyles. Here is a synopsis of historical strategies tried:

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'From the horses mouth' - Why General Practice in Australia is better than the UK

I recently stayed with a good GP friend of mine in London. He is an excellent clinician, a compassionate human being and, above all, an incurable optimist. I was sad, therefore, to find him preoccupied with the decline of the NHS and disillusioned with his career working for it.

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Should elderly doctors be forced to retire when they are no longer fit to practice?

I recently read with interest an article by Laurie Tarkan at the New York Times that highlighted the case of a 78-year old surgeon who lost a patient post-operatively. The routine investigation that followed revealed that the surgeon himself was showing obvious signs of age-related cognitive dysfunction ...

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