John Bethell

Dr John Bethell graduated from Aberdeen Medical School in 1990 and worked as a doctor in both the UK and Australia, launching Wavelength with co-founder Claire Ponsford in 1999. As a pioneer and market leader of medical recruitment in Australia Dr Bethell has seen the industry grow and mature. After two decades of helping doctors find work and healthcare employers find doctors, he sees the medical workforce world from a unique perspective.

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Keep your New Years resolutions - our 5 tips

Looking for ideas for your 2020 New Years resolutions? We share some of our doctor’s hobbies and tips to help you achieve your goals.

Doctor Pay Rates Blog
Medical Careers

Locum and Permanent Doctor Pay Rates

Do you have questions around Locum and Permanent Doctor Pay Rates? Find out how medical recruitment agencies work with locum doctors.

Content summary - Junior Doctor suicide rates need action
Medical Careers Wellbeing

Junior Doctor suicide rates need action

The recent spate of junior doctor suicides in Australia has made world headlines, we wanted to investigate this trend and what we can do to help.

Living and Working in Singapore
Medical Careers

Living and Working in Singapore

Insight into the modern health system in Singapore, and how to secure a medical specialist role in this unique tropical island state.

General Practice Jobs
Medical Careers

Time to brush up on your locum etiquette?

Wavelength's Dr John Bethell gives us his guide to locum etiquette - strategies for a smooth induction and ground rules to ensure you're welcomed back.

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Medical Careers

Why are Australian GPs happier than most

Why are Australian General Practitioners happier than most? Dr John Bethel investigates why GPs in Australia enjoy their work so much.

Medical Careers

Do medical recruiters deserve a bad reputation?

Medical Recruiters and the overall recruitment industry, can often face negative feedback & perspectives from the public but do they deserve it? Read more!

Medecins Sans Frontieres

What I admire about Médecins Sans Frontières

Dr John Bethell tells us why he admires Médecins Sans Frontières and believes they have a world-class 'employment brand'.

Clinical Training
Medical Careers

Hire a coach and hone your clinical skills

If you want to hone your clinical skills, why not hire a coach? asks Dr John Bethell, Wavelength director and international medical recruitment expert

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My advice for Doctors looking for a recruiter

Doctors, find a good medical recruitment consultant and stick with them, says Dr John Bethell, Wavelength director and international recruitment expert

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